Where do we go from here? The election of 2012 has resulted in a split America. Almost a tie in the popular vote has shown we are a country split down the middle or are we? My gut feeling says the majority of Americans are in the middle and what polarizes us is social issues. Should the federal government be involved in socials or should state and local municipalities be in charge of that? I believe the majority of people want the government to stay out of the way. More later.


Here we Go

So I’m starting this blogging site just as a rant and rave type activity.

Lets start of with Chick-Fil-A (CFA).  The owner states, after being asked, what his opinion was on same sex marriage and he replied that he was against it.  This led multiple mayors to say his business was not welcome in their cities.  Here is the problem with the whole thing he was ASKED his opinion he just didn’t throw it out there.  Also when does one person’s opinion in a company make the company as a whole follow those opinions.  If in fact there was facts to prove that this opinion was being used as a standard for hiring or serving then this would be a different situations.

When was the American dream dependent upon your personal beliefs?  So on August 1st there was a support CFA rally and people were encouraged to patronize CFA.  This was a peaceful demonstration of people showing their agreement with the company with their wallets.  A few days later there was a protest day at CFA which incurred vandalism and destruction of personal property.

When JCPenny hired Ellen Degeneress as their spokesperson a ripple went out to traditional value people (mainly Christians) to boycott that company.  There was no outbreak of violence there was no picketing yet the liberal media continued to make it news.  Why is it that there is intolerance on the left for the right’s views?  When can an educated debate start?